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At "Designed By Marlon Smart" (DBMS), we are experts in infusing innovative style into both indoor and outdoor event spaces. Additionally, we excel in creating dazzling carnival costumes and productions. Our exceptional talent lies in harmonizing these distinct areas, resulting in visually captivating costumes and meticulously designed spaces. We have gained recognition for our ability to seamlessly blend creativity and aesthetics, delivering remarkable experiences for our clients.

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West Indian American Day Parade Comes Together One Costume at a Time

The band Ramajay Mas (ramajay, a Trinidadian folk word, loosely translates as “to show off”) worked with four designers on nine costumes for their theme, “Nirvana: Freedom of Self.”

But the time it takes for costumes to come together can vary. 

“My whole idea was something angelic but not literally an angel, so I didn’t want to have wings on the back,” said Marlon Smart, designer of the “Heaven” costume, which took three weeks from sketch to completion.


The masqueraders, who are accompanied by a D.J. or music artist who performs on a truck, are divided into sections and assembled in a specific order to tell the theme.

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Feathers and Female Power: The Costumes of Carnival

A vibrant, skimpy ensemble worn at the Caribbean is so much more than a visual delight: "It's a celebration of women's glory in themselves."


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