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Q & A

As you join us on the road, whether you're a first-timer or returning masqueraded, we have answers. Feel free to contact us for additional inquiries or support.


What payment methods will be accepted for registration?

All major Credit/Debit Cards are accepted. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us.


What information will be required for registration?

ALL masqueraders must provide the following information for registration: 

  • General Information

  • Name 

  • Email Address (1 per masquerader)

  • Phone Number (including area code)


  • Bra Size – please view our US conversion chart to submit your sizing

  • Underwear Type: i.e. Bikini or Thong

  • Underwear Size: i.e. XS, S, M, etc. 


  • Pants Size: 32, 34, 36 etc.


Can I buy any extra pieces with my costume?

Yes, you can! Extras are standard thong, bikini, boy shorts (decorated). Upgrades such as headpieces, backpacks etc. will be indicated as an option where applicable in the design when you register. All extras and upgrades require full payment upon registration. Costumes are sold as advertised, unfortunately, we no longer offer customization services, but we can refer you to designers who do.


What happens if I input inaccurate information into the registration system?

After registration, you will receive a follow-up welcome call from one of our DBMS representatives after 1 to 3 business days. We require you to be as accurate as you can, after you receive the up-call changes WILL NO LONGER be accommodated.


Can someone else collect a costume on my behalf?

Yes, they can! Please have your representative collect your costume with a detailed signed letter, a copy of your receipt, and a printed copy of both your and their Valid IDs, please note these will then be attached to our copy of your registration form as proof of collection. 


I missed my distribution date, what can I do?

You can collect your costume later which will be provided to you by DBMS. Please note that your wait time may be longer as the scheduled date may coincide with other sections distributing on that day at the showroom.


Where can I find future updates about the band after registration?

Upon registration you will receive an information packet with full details, DBMS will also contact you directly via email and text messages; however, you can also catch up with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.


Does DBMS offer refunds?

Deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, we do offer exchanges and adjustments in some extreme cases.

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